RWP Team / RWP Family 

On this page you probably won't find world champions, you may not recognise everyone you see, but whatever their level they've all been bitten by the same bug as us and love the sport of stand up paddling.

The RWP Family share their passion for this sport through equipment tests, SUP surf trips or just discussions on the beach, and that's the reason they're here!

They help drive our success and Redwoodpaddle wouldn't be the same without them.

So, come and join the Redwoodpaddle Family.

Rider: Jim Box - Spain, Gijon
Facebook: JimBoxSpain

Rider: Matilda Angiolini - France, Perpignan

Rider: Francois Boussaha - France, Bidart

Rider: Laurent Benaiche - France, Marseille

Rider: Mattéo Angiolini - France, Perpignan

Rider: Jordan Heurtaux - France, Perpignan

Rider: Laurent Navarro - France, Perpignan

Rider: Stephane Lefevre - UK, Hayling Island
Facebook: StephaneLefevreUK

Rider: Laurent Maurer - France, Perpignan

Rider: Dani Corripio López - Spain, Gijon
Facebook: AsturwatermanSpain

Rider: Edouard Dehlinger - France, Aquitaine

Rider: Timothée Griffon - France, Aquitaine

Rider: Teox - France, Brittany

Rider: Stephane Dehays - France, Brittany

Mathieu Negre.jpeg
Rider: Mathieu Negra - France, Montpellier

Rider: Aitor Eizagirre - Spain, Pais Vasco