E-Foil Pwrfoil Alone:

We worked on our E-foil, like our Redwoodpaddle stand up paddle boards or our Manatee surfboards!

The board to be placed on the electric foil must be chosen according to its size and experience in sliding sports and/or "classic" foil.

The electric foil is separated from the board, which will allow the board to be adapted according to its weight, but also the possibility of changing boards according to the evolution of one's own practice. A beginner will easily start with a large inflatable board for example but will be able to move on to a small rigid board over time for more manoeuvrability.

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€4,990.00 (tax incl.)
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Technical choices:

We have chosen to work with a French company for the manufacture of our batteries, it is obviously one of the vital parts of the machine, in terms of safety, we must not play with this point.
A French manufacturing with our partner allows us to be sure of the quality of our batteries.

Each of our E-foils is supplied with it:

- 1 electric foil
- 1 battery
- 1 charger
- 1 remote control with strap
- 1 connected watch (optional)
- 1 leash circuit breaker
- 2 transport covers (optional)

Weight between 25 and 30kg depending on the choice of the board

Product features :

Electric foil:

- 44 volts (voltage safety)

- 5.7 HP (no permit required)

- lithium-ion battery

- fast recharging in 2h30

- closed-loop cooling

- 1 hour battery life

- Maximum speed of 35km/h

- Cruising speed of 20km/h

- Remote control: accelerator

Transport & assembly:

2 covers: one for the board / one for the foil

Easy assembly in less than 10 minutes, no tools required.

Safety = 44 volts

Without license = 5.7 HP


After-sales service followed in the premises of Perpignan, the headquarters of the company SARL BTR but also the assembly workshops of E-foil, PWRFoil.

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