This year the Wing Foil has become a must.
At the crossroads of Windsurfing and Supfoil, this wing will give you new sensations and allow you to take maximum pleasure quickly!
At Redwoodpaddle we have specially developed this wing to be used in all conditions for both novices and experts.

Available !!!

2020 model only available in 4,2M !!!

1 Wing + 1 Board or 1 Foil = automatic €20 reduction

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€479.00 (tax incl.)
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Features :

The wing is built in spinnaker, with a bladder on the leading edge and a central batten with integrated ergonomic handles that will allow you to easily find your position to sail with maximum comfort.

All our wings are supplied with an Hp2 pump.

The wing also works with a rigid SUP board as well as with a Pwrfoil foil.

Available sizes: 3 - 4.2 - 5 m².

Wing covers:

Wing of 3m2 wing span 116"
Wing of 4,2m2 wing span 131"
Wing of 5m2 wing span 147"

Feel free to contact us so that we can help you choose the size of your Wingfoil Pwrfoil according to your template and the conditions in which you want to sail!

Who is the wing foil for?

For everyone who can swim, but if you have already done kite, windsurfing or ideally foil surfing, stand up paddle, kite or windsurfing it will be easier for you to get started.

If you have never tried one of these sports, you will have to be more patient...
Start with the initiation with just a board and a foil, ideally get towed by a boat, a jet ski to learn to fly with your foil.
Another option, even faster is to test with an e-foil, preferably PWRFoil;) .

You will also need to learn how to handle the wingfoil wing, so ideally start on a stand up paddle board, stand up and move forward with the help of your sail / wingfoil wing.

Once you have stored these markers, you will finally be able to try your hand at the pleasure of wingfoil!

But to do it right, above all the choice of equipment remains essential, the board, foil and wing wing.

The board, it must have grown in volume to carry you at least on your knees. (count 20/30 litres more than your weight...).
If you want to practice with this same board from the sup to the oar, you will have to take it into account.

The foil, the mast must remain short to be easy and long enough to gain versatility.

70cm remains the easiest size to use in wing but also in supfoil.

The wing area is even larger 1500/2000/2500cm2 ?

The larger the surface, the easier the takeoff will be but the wing will saturate with the speed...
So the parameters to be taken into account when choosing the surface are: the weight to be lifted and the speed at which one will lift off the water.

A light gauge that wants to fly in light wind will use a small area, while a heavy gauge in the same conditions will take a large wing.
The wings can be changed quickly and easily to get out in different conditions, but in any case several wings will be required!

The wing foil/wing

It is your engine, linked to the wind but also to your template, the board and the foil you use.
Multiple combinations are possible, so the easiest way is to contact us;)

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