Carving - 1370 Cm2 Full Carbon wing

Its identical rope to the 1270cm² kite and its larger wingspan allow it to be adapted to sizes up to 85kg and to efoils with boards from 4'1 to 5'8.

The wingspan to chord ratio remains low which gives you comfort for beautiful curves without being as technical as the 1270cm².

Can only be an additional kite for a more sporty use requiring speed for good stability. Moving the stab closer to your wing using the different holes in your fuselage will give you even more playability. 

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€490.00 (tax incl.)
AVAILABLE ONLY IN 1500 and 2000

New "Surf & Turns" wings.

Compatible with all our machines, these new wings with a reduced surface area add to the playability. You can now turn very, very tightly. Large chord and small wingspan, so you don't lose stability but can still make very short turns. Together with the new fuselage, which allows you to adjust the position of the stabiliser, your wing becomes incisive, responsive and extremely playful. If you add the new anodised aluminium propeller, your efoil will go into "maximum handling" mode. This is a mode reserved for advanced riders, perfect for escaping between waves and for cruising.

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