Surf foil PWRFOIL Cloud 4'6

Surf-foil Board rigide Pvc epoxy Pwrfoil
4'6 x 20" x 3" 3/16

45 litres

Board + Foil or Wing = automatic €20 reduction

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€599.00 (tax incl.)
Pre-order for mid-May !!!
Availability date: 2021-05-15
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The Pwrfoil by Redwoodpaddle foil surfboard that allows you to surf in foil with exceptional fluidity. This foil board can be used in both surf foil and Wing foil.

Easy to turn and very responsive in small soft waves while maintaining radicality in larger conditions!

The board is equipped as standard with 2 airex-reinforced Us Boxes to install the Foil Pwrfoil as well as footstrap inserts on the front of the Foil surfboard.

The flat deck for this surf foil, new rails, hull with its double concave for good acceleration, a tail and a fine nose, very thin, but a feeling of stability really impressive for a board of this size and volume.

A new construction in epoxy sandwich construction and its airex reinforcements for this new Pwrfoil surfboard shape.

Years of experience have enabled us to improve our constructions, in terms of weight and above all strength.

Technical data sheet

A lighter HD EPS bread saves us almost 800 grams on a board of this size, which has also allowed us to strengthen the construction.

All our boards have foodstraps inserts at the front and rear.

With its epoxy sandwich construction and its airex reinforcements around the boxes you will have under your feet a very solid and light board!

You will have under your feet a light, solid and powerful surfboard bomb!

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