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Board only
€1,990.00 (tax incl.)
It is one of the main elements of your machine, besides its style it will bring you stability, playability or ease depending on the size you choose. Benefiting from Redwoodpaddle's years of expertise in rigid board...
Board only
€250.00 (tax incl.)
Would you like to personalise your white Efoil with a logo or illustration? We offer you 1 colour personalisation with a tinted adhesive (the colour does not fade in the sun) with a long lasting hold (polymer glue)....
Board only
€2,990.00 (tax incl.)
Straight out of PWR-Foil's Shape Room, our custom boards are 100% made by us. Far from the semi-industrial processes of mass-produced boards, each step is done with care and love in-house. We offer you a wide range of...
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