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France's biggest e-foil competition with the BTR Challenge

477 2024-04-12
Riding for a good cause, it's possible!
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Our next e-foils meetings

809 2024-04-05
Get ready for future e-foils gatherings! 
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Why should you ride our Pro Carbon e-foils?

619 2024-03-27
Find out why you should be riding these exceptional boards!  
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Greater proximity between PWR-Foil and the Riders!

443 2024-03-21
We are strengthening our local presence through boat shows. 
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A versatile e-foil for everyone

533 2024-03-13
An e-foil to suit all levels and preferences.
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An e-foil for all sizes

662 2024-03-08
The 5'9 is the most user-friendly e-foil in the PWR-Foil range
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100% tailor-made e-foil

622 2024-03-02
Turning your dreams into reality!
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A creative universe around the PWR-Foil e-foil?

569 2024-02-23
Local art comes to life with PWR-Foil's electric foil
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An e-foil competition at the Mondial du Vent

580 2024-02-15
Ready to win this first race of 2024?
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Due straordinari mondi di scorrimento!

332 2024-02-09
Discover these two exceptional board sports: e-foil and snowboard!
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