A new way to ride your e-foil with the "PERF" range

Posted on2024-06-12 1237

Get ready to create the future with us! At PWR-Foil, we're constantly innovating to give you even more thrills. Today, we're delighted to introduce our new "PERF" range, specially designed for all PWR-Foil e-foils.

New e-foil accessories in response to your requests. 


From beginners to advanced, there's a wing-stab combination that will suit you as you progress. You'll never reach the limits of this range, whether in terms of handling or speed.

We've worked tirelessly to develop a new fuselage, wings and stabilisers, all in free-ride mode for your electric foil. With a modern design and a refined leading edge, you'll gain speed like never before! These new, more streamlined accessories reduce energy consumption thanks to improved hydrodynamics, and give you new sensations as well as a more technical edge.

You can upgrade your PERF range to match your level by combining wing and stab sizes, from a combination offering stability, ease of use and accessibility to the sportiest speed and manoeuvrability.

e-foil accessories_perf range

In addition, assembly is simplified with screws placed on the top, making installation easier than ever. Please note that the new 'PERF' fuselage will be essential if you want to discover new flying sensations with your efoil.

The perfect synergy between a hydrodynamic fuselage, wings and stabilisers

A new range of wings is available to all e-foil enthusiasts. 

With their small size, the PERF 700 and PERF 900 are the ultimate weapons for tight turns and fast sequences of curves. They are perfect for all small PWR-Foil e-foils in the 4'1, 4'4, 4'8 and 5'2 sizes. Combine these wings with the 190 or 220 stabilisers for the ultimate combination that will push the limits of your e-foil! 

Discover our two other wings, the PERF 1 100 and the PERF 1 300! These two wings for your medium to large efoils will be a pleasure to sail and will allow you to take off easily at low speed. These two efoil wings are perfect for 5'7, 5'8 and 5'9 boards. Combine these wings with the 220 or 250 stabilisers for a perfect cruising configuration, with a slight technical touch to improve your turns.

Please note that the new PERF range for your PWR-Foil can only be used in conjunction with our new PERF Fuselage! This range has been created to allow you to develop further and gain in technique in the wonderful sport of e-foiling. 

e-foil accessories_perf range

A brief summary of the PERF range: 

We are always available to help you choose your new aircraft. Contact Chris on 06 03 06 86 32 or by email chris@pwrfoil.com 

To conclude

All these new features will enable you to go faster, be more technical and improve the way you ride your PWR-Foil.  Get ready to work on your stability because the PERF range will be more technical. These new accessories are designed to help you progress and have not been created for beginners. 

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