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4 dates to remember for e-foil events

We take part in or create numerous races and competitions throughout the year. It's an ideal opportunity for enthusiasts to challenge themselves and explore new e-foil techniques, all in a friendly, stimulating and fun atmosphere. 

Efoil races at the Mondial du Vent

For the first time during the Mondial du Vent, we have decided to organise a challenge open to all e-foil enthusiasts on 13 April 2024.

On the programme:

Free practice sessions to get back into the swing of things before the serious stuff starts.

The time trial sessions will follow the numerical order of your race numbers. Your performance will determine your starting position for the second session. Ready on your e-foil, you'll set off as soon as the horn sounds! Each participant will have two attempts, and only the best time will be taken into account. Please note that you are allowed a maximum of two falls per event. Beyond that, you will be disqualified for the round in progress.

As well as hosting top-level competitions in Wing; Kite... Mondial du Vent offers an entertaining experience for all the family, with a host of events, skateboard, BMX and mountain bike trials demonstrations and initiations, as well as open-air concerts...

To register, just send an e-mail to fanny@pwrfoil.com

An e-foils competition under the Arcachon sun

There are many reasons to visit the magnificent town of Arcachon.

We won't be talking about Dune du Pilla or oysters, but about an e-foils competition that will take place at the Salon d'Arcachon from 19 to 21 April 2024!

Come and meet us to discuss and discover what's new, and get ready for an e-foils competition in the beautiful Gironde sunshine!

There will of course be a competition open to everyone (beginners, intermediates and experts).

You can also come and try out our brand new board with a different colour and pad, the Deep Green.

First e-foils competition in the Paris region

An event never seen before in the Paris region! Many of you are involved in the wonderful sport of e-foiling in and around the Paris region. Thanks to PWR-Foil rider Franck Ropero and the Motonautique section of the Club Nautique de Viry-Châtillon.

For the first time, an efoil gathering will take place at Lake Essonne on 5 May, with a very limited number of places available. This will be the perfect opportunity to share your passion for electric foils with other people. It'll be fun and friendly, because of course you'll be sharing all the techniques you've developed and your favourite spots... 

Like most of the competitions in partnership with PWR-Foil, there will first be free practice sessions to get into the swing of things!

The serious stuff starts immediately afterwards with the time trial test sessions. You'll have two attempts, and only the best of the two times will be counted. You'll have to be very agile, and you'll only be allowed a maximum of two crashes per test. If you fall more than twice, you will be disqualified. So you'll have to go fast and be careful not to fall.

For more information or to register for this first e-foil event in the Ile-de-France region, please send an e-mail to franck.ropero@gmail.com

Riding an e-foil for EndoFrance

Have you ever ridden for a good cause?

Get ready for an exceptional day! As well as the competitions and free activities for all, you'll be able to eat on site and enjoy the friendly atmosphere.

On Saturday 22 June, Redwoodpaddle and PWR-Foil are delighted to invite you to the Born To Ride Challenge, a charity event to raise funds for the EndoFrance association.

- This is a technical race of around 800m with several bends in the buoys and therefore several changes of direction.

- 2 starts in the morning (free practice + qualifying), + 1 start in the afternoon if you qualify for the final.

This competition is also open to minors aged 16 and over, subject to parental authorisation, which you can find here. Please return it to fanny@pwrfoil.com

Born To Ride Challenge rules here

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