Why should you ride our Pro Carbon e-foils?

Posted on2024-03-27

An e-foil Pro Carbon that will make you dream!

For our latest deep green, let's take a look back at our Pro Carbon Biax range. Discover our latest lightweight biax V3 carbon boards. You'll find the 4'8, the 5'2 and the 5'8. The colours of this capsule were chosen by you, the members of the PWR-Foil Embassy, in a collective vote. Join our private "PWR-Foil Embassy" group to make sure you don't miss out on any information and help shape the future designs of the PWR-Foil.

Starting out with a Pro Carbon board?

Ready to enter the exciting world of e-foils? Our boards from the Pro Carbon Biax range could be the perfect choice to start your adventure! But how do you choose the right board size for you? It all depends on your body size and your level of board sports.

Whether you're a beginner looking to explore new sensations or a seasoned watersports enthusiast looking for performance, our Pro Carbon range offers exceptional versatility. With their specific characteristics, our boards are designed to meet your needs and offer you an unrivalled sailing experience.

- The 4'8 is suitable for all sizes and for experts + + +. 

- For medium-sized riders, the 5'2 offers an ideal balance between stability and manoeuvrability.

- For bigger riders, the 5'8 is a safe choice for riding with ease or a great family ride to share with friends and family. 

Want to try out our boards in person? Join us at our boat shows, where you can try out our Pro Carbon Biax range in action! All our dates here.

Pour ceux qui hésitent, nous sommes toujours disponibles pour discuter et vous orienter vers la gamme qui vous conviendra le mieux.

From the classic range to the Pro Carbon range? 

The Pro Carbon range doesn't have the same shape and construction as the classic range.   

- Firstly, the lightness of the board will have a huge impact on the way you ride.

- Secondly, the fact that the boards are deeper and narrower will allow you to take touch and go turns without catching on the water.

- When you start teasing and taking turns with a bit more angle, this is the board that will suit your riding perfectly.

With this e-foil board, you'll be able to make rail-to-rail changes by combining it with a 1 670 wing, wings with very short profiles.

And aesthetically speaking, the Deep Green Pro Carbon efoil goes perfectly well with our 90cm black mat. It is slightly longer than the standard version.

In short, a higher quality, lighter and stronger construction.

At PWR-Foil, we believe in unlimited adventure and innovation...


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