Green E-Foil PWR-Foil + Board Pro Carbon Biax

This is the newest Efoil in the range: still 100% French engineering and assembly. More advanced than ever, this board is made of EPS HD bread, PVC construction and Carbon Biax. With its new refined shape, this board has an extraordinary size for a discerning audience! Playful, solid and about 30% lighter thanks to their Carbon Biax construction.

Board size available:

4'1 x 23,2" x 4" • 124,5cm x 59 x 11,9 - 62,5L

4'8" x 24" x 4" • 142cm x 61 x 11,9 - 74L

5'2" x 25" x 4" • 158cm x 63,5x 11,9 - 85L

5'8" x 25,9" x 4" • 172cm x 66 x 11,9 - 97L

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€8,490.00 (tax incl.)
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The E-Foil pro Carbon BIAX is the most recent Efoil in the range: still 100% French engineering, assembly and after-sales service is fully provided in our workshops.

More accomplished than ever, this board is made of HD EPS bread, PVC and Carbon Biax construction. With its new narrower shape coupled with its new construction we have gained around 30% weight without losing strength. The double hull is always present to avoid sticking to the water.

The waterproof remote control offers 3 easy-to-set flight modes that will allow you to learn at your own pace.

We have not skimped on safety with a magnetic circuit breaker leash that will cut off all power to the machine during falls, thus protecting the user by making it impossible to injure yourself with the propeller.

Sensations guaranteed!!

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