Full Custom E-Foil PWR-Foil

Straight out of PWR-Foil's Shape Room, our custom boards are 100% made by us. Far from the semi-industrial processes of mass-produced boards, each step is done with care and love in-house. We offer you a wide range of shapes, materials and colours so that your E-foil is just like you: unique! The choice of board and wing dimensions will depend on your size, experience and desired level of playability. Contact us to create your ideal configuration together!

You already have a PWR-Foil and are only interested in the board?

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Our custom boards are 100% made in-house. Shape, materials and colours to choose from: let's configure your ideal model together! The rest of the machine is the same as on our production boards: between 1 and 3 hours of riding (depending on battery choice, size, conditions and level), up to 60km/h, absolute safety with the leash and propeller protection, engineering and assembly in our workshops.

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