An e-foil for all sizes

Posted on2024-03-08

Why is the 5'9 the most family-friendly PWR-Foil board in our range?

Because it fits all the sizes around you, ensuring authentic moments of sharing with family and friends. What's more, it can easily be used as a dinghy when you're at anchor, whether you're collecting croissants for breakfast or an aperitif at the end of the day, without risking losing your precious booty at the bottom of the water.

Planche eFoil Classic ou Pro ?

How big is it?

Even if you're a regular surfer, you'll find its 1.80 m x 78.5 cm x 12.5 cm size and 109 litre volume surprisingly small! Yet it's still the board with the most generous volume at PWR-Foil! This volume is essential because it makes this sport accessible to everyone, ensures optimum safety even in the event of light touches and offers remarkable stability for long rides in complete tranquillity.

Its stability?

Its remarkable stability is a real asset, particularly in a family environment. It offers extra reassurance, allowing even the youngest members or beginners to stand confidently on the board. This creates a safer and more comfortable boating experience for the whole family, promoting moments of sharing and enjoyment on the water.

Gamme Pro eFoil PWR-Goil

How do I equip my PWR-Foil efoil pack?

Which wings should you choose and for what purpose? Combine it with a 2000 wing for a guaranteed flying experience of at least 01h30. With a 1670 wing, get ready for fun sessions full of turns and curves.

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