100% tailor-made e-foil

Posted on2024-03-02

Create a custom efoil and see it made by PWR-Foil

When you're caught up in the all-consuming passion of the efoil, what could be better than personalizing it? The efoil is no longer just a sport, it becomes an object that you make your own, an object of art in your own image.

PWR-Foil, the know-how to realize your wildest dreams for your efoil boards.

If you've visited our headquarters, you'll have discovered the little secret rooms that follow one another and allow our shapers to reveal all their know-how.

The first room houses a beautiful CNC that will cut the foam loaf of your choice, followed by a shaping room, a sanding room, a glazing room, a temperature-controlled room...

Equipped with "cosmonaut suits" to protect them from harmful fumes, our shapers move from one room to the next with a passion for precision and beauty.

Making your dreams come true is what drives them.

Turning your mental projection into a real object is their challenge.

Every order is the realization of a work of art.

The customization of a PWR-Foil efoil is a close collaboration between you and us.

The work of customizing an efoil is exciting because we take the time to talk with you.

To ensure that your board reflects you and your image, we need to understand your tastes and lifestyle. And together, depending on the technical specifications, we let our imaginations run wild. In this way, we've created dozens of boards: a fuchsia pink with the fetish tattoo on the nose of the board; a firecracker orange with the Corsican Moor's head; multiple layers of Ferrari red for the best depth of color; a Hawaiian mixing turquoise green, cyan blue and candy pink adorned with palm trees; ... We matched PWR-Foil efoil boards to the colors of the owner's car: metallic gray, Land Rover green...
We've worked on customizations to make our efoils extensions of our owners' yachts: pads echoing the boat's deck, or hull colors echoing the colors chosen for the cushioning...
Imagination knows no bounds, and the whole PWR-Foil team is delighted to see new projects arrive!

A customized PWR-Foil follows precise specifications and a well-defined manufacturing process.

Step 1 - Defining the perfect shape.
From this moment on, you'll need to tell us everything: weight, height, experience, gliding preferences, the sport you're going to enjoy selfishly with relish or share with your family... ... It's the combination of all these elements that will enable us to offer you the best possible shape.
Step 2 - Graphic design.
We continue to discover more about you. Here, we ask you to tell us about your tastes and passions, which will eventually lead us naturally towards a visual proposal of color and graphics.
Stage 3 - Creation: from mousse to icing.
It's at each of these stages that our shapers reveal their skills. It's thanks to their golden fingers, their eagle eyes, but also to qualities such as precision and the quest for perfection that we produce efoil boards like an objet d'art.

How about it? Come and visit us to discover for yourself the lair of our headquarters? and maybe fall for a beautiful PWR-Foil efoil board on your way out?

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