A creative universe around the PWR-Foil e-foil?

Posted on2024-02-23

Dive into an ocean of creativity with the e-foils artist series

At Flash Days, a vibrant event held at our Headquarter, we opened our doors to customers, friends, family and above all talented local artists to let their imaginations run wild on PWR-Foil e-foil boards. And do you know what? As well as creating unforgettable memories together, the artists amazed us with their creations! We were thrilled with their passionate work, and look forward to welcoming new talent every year.

The expression of Sodade through PWR-Foil's e-foil

Axelle, an artist from Perpignan, is becoming increasingly popular thanks to her dazzling art.

At Flash Days, Sodade showcased her talent by embellishing two e-foil boards of identical size (5'1). One of them was quick to leave our headquarters, immediately seducing an enthusiast who took it with him to sail the beaches of Senegal.

As for the second e-foil board designed by Sodade, it bears the evocative name of 'Under the Sea'. His love of the aquatic world inspired this work, designed to glide majestically over the waves.

This e-foil board evokes an aquatic world hidden beneath the waves, a world appreciated by PWR-Foil riders. It also expresses the brilliance of colours and the magic of the unknown in the oceans.

FO7 and PWR-Foil's efoil, a fusion of creativity

FO7 has combined his tender, vibrant and colourful world with PWR-Foil's e-foil boards, adding unique messages to each board.

FO7 has created not one, not two, but three 5'1 e-foil boards. Each of these three boards tells a completely different story.

The 5'1 Collioure illustrates the beauty of this magnificent town through its emblematic bell tower, an element particularly appreciated by the artist. But that's not all, because the second message conveyed by FO7 highlights the splendid ecosystem that surrounds us and the crucial importance of preserving it.

The 5'1 Dancing Flowers reflects FO7's affection for flowers and reminds us that true beauty is often hidden in the details of everyday life.

The final 5'1, 'Love', evokes the magic of simple moments and the depth of love that surrounds us every day.

An electric alliance between Steff Saint.e and PWR-Foil's e-foil

An eclectic artist bringing his art to life on an electric foil - it's a perfect pairing.

Steff is the only artist to have worked on large boards, as the work he wanted to create required a colossal amount of space. So we provided him with a 5'7 board and a 5'9 board.

His first creation, the Flying Fish, was born on a 5'9 e-foil board. This board is the perfect embodiment of the strength and elegance that characterise PWR-foils. This remarkable work illustrates the perfect fusion between cutting-edge technology and an incomparable riding experience. An irresistible invitation to explore the horizons of e-foils with grace and agility.

A bold fusion of abstract elements and enigmatic symbols creates a singular aesthetic that sparks the imagination on this 5'7 efoil. A visual experience that transcends the boundaries of the conventional to immerse you in an artistic world full of mystery.

Prooz street art meets PWR-Foil efoil boards

Prooz's unique, street art-inspired technique has brought two PWR-Foil e-foils to life with his distinctive artistic touch. As with Sodade, one of these boards quickly found its rider!

The second board available from Prooz, called 'Eye Contact', perfectly embodies the artist's own aesthetic. It features urban abstracts inspired by the world of graffiti.

The use of black and white adds a touch of simplicity and elegance to this creation. Prooz is a true magician of colour and form, capable of creating captivating and spellbinding works that transport the viewer into a unique artistic universe.

If you'd like to order from a specific artist, all you need to do is get their agreement and we'll put you in touch with them for the practical details.
A huge thank you to Axelle Sodade, Prooz, FO7 and Steff Saint.e, because together we have brought some exceptional works to life.

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