Foil Wing 2000 cm2 Pwrfoil

Different foil wings for different practices and different sizes.
We made the choice to manufacture our wings in carbon, designed by our research department, developed and tested on all supports, sup obviously, but also surfing, wingfoil and windsurfing (and even in light wind kite ) ... 

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€490.00 (tax incl.)
AVAILABLE ONLY IN 1500 and 2000

The PWRFoil wings (powerfoil) have been developed by our foil / e-foil design office for more than two years.

We have chosen to work with quality craftsmen, able to produce carbon parts in very high precision metal molds.
The moulds mounted at high temperature allow us to have exceptional strength and rigidity.
The core of the wings is made of Airex, then the strats of carbon.

The wings are compatible on aluminum and carbon PWRFoil fuselages.

Sizes 1250cm2, 1500cm2 and 2000cm2
Why and for whom?
the larger the surface area of the wing, the more weight it will lift at low speed, but the less maneuverable and faster it will be.

A small wing will fit a small size, a small board (surf, kite, small sup...) with speed (fast waves, traction like a kite or a wing wing with relatively strong wind)

a medium wing will be perfect for surfing over, surfing in less "hollow" waves, wing foil in light winds for a light gauge or for a heavier gauge, in stronger wind !

It will be much easier to guide you in your choice if you contact us by email or phone in order to find the best solution for you.

But by buying a PWRFoil foil, you will join this new family!

So welcome!

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