The concept:

Just as with any Redwoodpaddle paddle boards or Manatee Surf boards, choosing the right Efoil board to match your weight and ability is key to your flying success.

The electric foil is completely separate from the board which allows riders to choose and adapt the board to suit their weight. The easily adaptable board will also allow the rider to change it upon their flying progress; for example a beginner will find it easier to start with a larger, more stable inflatable board but over time may want to progress onto a smaller, rigid board for increased manoeuvrability.

The technology behind the concept:

As the battery is one of the most important parts of the Efoil, we felt that getting the perfect production team to ensure safety and reliability was crucial. We worked with a local French manufacturer for the production of the batteries to deliver a durable and sound solution sure to keep our riders safe and happy.


  • Choice of board depending on the rider’s weight and ability:

  • Inflatable

  • Rigid

  • 1 electric foil

  • 1 battery

  • 1 charger

  • 1 remote control with strap

  • 1 connected watch (optional)

  • 1 outboard motor kill switch leash

  • 2 travel bags, board & foil (optional)

  • Total weight from 25 to 30kg depending on the board selected

Product features:

Electric foil:

  • 44 volts (voltage security)

  • 5.7 bhp (no legal requirement to hold a licence)

  • lithium-ion battery

  • Fast charge in 2h30

  • Closed cooling circuit system

  • Average over 1hour ride time

  • Maximum speed 22mph

  • Cruising speed 13mph

  • Wireless remote throttle control

Optional connected watch:

  • Start / stop

  • Level settings: beginner / intermediate / pro → sets acceleration and maximum speed

  • Display screen: instant speed / average speed / battery charge levels

  • & under development: tracked GPS / heartbeat / music ...

Transport & Assembly:

2 travel bags: board & foil

Easily assembled in less than 10 minutes, no need for tools.

Security = 44 volts

No legal requirement to hold a licence = 5.7 HP

Connected watch for unrestricted developments and updates vs remote control only

Price = € 4,990 for the PowerFoil only


After-sales service in Perpignan at the head office: SARL BTR but also at E-foil assembly workshops, PWRFoil.