How to choose your PWR-Foil board?

Posted on2023-04-08 4867

To live the incredible sensation of flying over the water in an efoil is offered to everyone because it does not require any particular physical ability. However, it is essential to have the right board for you. At PWR-Foil, we have chosen to offer a wide range of boards to meet your expectations. So which one should you choose?

eFoil Classic or Pro board?

Two ranges exist: Classic and Pro, each of these ranges is declined in 4 sizes. We therefore offer you a choice of eight boards. The two ranges of efoil boards differ not only by their different constructions but also by their different sizes.

Classic efoil PWR-Foil range

This range offers the perfect boards for everyone from beginners to enthusiasts. These boards will allow you to explore long cruising flights as well as play in the waves. The boards in this line are constructed of PVC + fiberglass. They are available in three colors: Basque red, mouse grey and white. The particularity of the latter is that it can be customized, which will make it unique for an individual or flocked with the name of a club, for example. Four sizes are available in this range: 4'4, 5'1, 5'7 and 5'9. The 5'9 will be perfectly adapted for the big sizes of about 90 kg. It is also the ideal board size for clubs who will be able to test the efoil to customers of all sizes with this board, because who can do more can obviously do less! The 5'7 is certainly the most versatile size. It's suitable for average sizes. By adapting the size of the kite, it remains scalable for a long time. The 5'1 is more adapted to the 75-80 kg sizes having already a little experience of gliding. As for the 4'4, it is the smallest board of the range which is naturally addressed to the lightest sizes, but also to the experienced efoilers looking for more sensations.

Pro eFoil PWR-Foil range

This range of boards is reserved for good or even very good surfers. These are more technical boards, very playful, which allow tight turns or fun in the nice swell. These boards are made of carbon construction. Their shape is narrower, more slender. Between the shape and the materials, we have a lighter pro range than the classic range. Again, the range comes in four sizes: 4'1, 4'8, 5'2, 5'8. The 5'8 is aimed at the larger public who are looking for a technical board or for heavier riders. The 5'2 will be perfect for people weighing 70-80kg. The 4'8 is starting to be very technical ;). With a good level in efoil or other foil sports like wing, kite or surf and for a weight of 75kg and less, it is an efoil board that will delight a lot of people. And finally, the 4'1, our smallest and most playful board. It is the best in terms of maneuverability.

Choosing the right board is crucial in efoil!

The idea is to have fun, to progress and to never be satisfied... For this, it is absolutely necessary that your board is adapted: To your size: don't lie to yourself, you need to know your real weight. Not the one before the holidays or the one you hope to reach after the 3 months of subscription to the gym you just took ;) Your current level in efoil or at least in other board sports... Really your current level, not the one you had at 20 years old when you are 45 today :) The experience you want to live. Depending on all these parameters, the PWR-Foil sales team will recommend the best board for you so that it offers you instant pleasure while leaving you a good margin of progression over the months or years to come by combining it as well as possible with wings and propellers.