Presentation of 1270 cm² and 1370 cm² foils for eFoil PWR-Foil

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To begin with, these new wings, the 1,270 cm² and 1,370 cm², have a different shape to the 1,500 cm² and 2,000 cm², and to what is available on the market today. Just to clarify, they are specially designed to run on an eFoil. Chris Defrance has been sailing with these foils for over a year now.

Ailes efoil PWR-Foil

Why can't we use them for wing, kite or other activities?

In eFoil, you need power and not particularly glide. That's the big difference with other types of foiling. For our eFoils, we need a wing that triggers turns and turns very quickly.

Surf PWR-Foil Efoil

The shape of the 1,270 cm² and the 1,370 cm².

These are two wings with a large chord, unlike the High Ratios. The width is large and the length is small, giving a small wingspan. The result is a very quick launch in curves and very tight turns. On the other hand, you lose lateral stability while retaining good longitudinal stability. The 1270 cm² is designed for riders weighing less than 80 kg, and the 1370 cm² for riders weighing more than 80 kg who already have a good command of their eFoil. Fenders in 1850 cm² and 1670 cm² will soon be available.

Aile surf virage efoil PWR-Foil

Fuselage adjustments can also help.

On all our fuselages, you can change the position of the horizontal stabiliser. The closer the stabiliser is to the front wing, the faster you turn.

Fuselage efoil PWR-Foil

To be used only in waves?

The answer is no. If you like curves, tight turns and the feel of snowboarding, these front wings are for you too.

In conclusion

If you opt for one of these two wings, you'll end up with a much more playful eFoil. They need speed to maintain optimum stability, which is why they are designed for experienced sports pilots. If you also combine it with our new aluminium 3-blade propeller, you'll give your machine a complete boost. But be warned, they'll consume more battery power as you sail faster. They are available from stock at € 490.00. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need more information.

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