Riders'Days - The end-of-year e-foil event in 2023

Posted on2023-11-16

The last not-to-be-missed PWR-Foil event of the year

Have you been to any of our events in previous years? Green Friday in 2021? Flash Days in 2022 We're staying in the same vein!

Rather than sing the praises of Black Friday and propose a commercial offer that doesn't make sense to us, we've come up with something that suits us....

The colour we identify with? Definitely blue!

One day in particular? we couldn't decide ;) We love them all...

Riders' Days have just begun: 10 days to reveal all our shades of blue.

All together in the big blue!

There's nothing we like better than having you come and have a laugh with us.

Let's put our trust in Météo France and get together on Saturday 25 November for a great day of discussions at our premises in Canet-en-Roussillon.

Air temperature equal to water temperature: 16°. Sunshine forecast.

The concept is simple: bring your battery-charged e-foils, your wetsuit and a little wool; we'll provide the power sockets and the best atmosphere.

On the menu: the best Jambalaya in the world cooked by Chef Steph from the Côté Cour restaurant and seasonal fruit tarts. All washed down with the excellent Força Real wine and soft drinks.

We're asking you to pay €15 for this lunch, which we'll donate to the NGO Sea Shepherd. We'll talk about it below ;)

If you need information on finding a nice hotel to spend the weekend, we've got some great addresses to suggest, as well as the nicest blue spots in the Pyrénées Orientales to discover on Sunday!

Book before 8pm on Wednesday 22 November, preferably at: fanny@pwrfoil.com

Our first e-foils... in blue, of course!

This range was launched in 2019 and we were too busy to imagine changing it before spring 2021. Blue was an obvious choice for this first range of e foils, to begin the PWR-Foil story and to become one with the element.

Who of you still owns one today? They're going to be collectors' items! Pamper them.

That's why we're taking this opportunity to pay tribute to these early riders. Over the next 10 days, these blue e-foils will be recounting their adventures in text and pictures - through the voice of their owners :) - in France, Greece, Corsica and Dubai, on lakes, seas and oceans.

A limited edition efoil... in blue, of course!

We're marking the occasion with a very limited edition in the colours of these Riders' Days. For every purchase of the complete efoil pack with Long Range battery, you'll receive a €400 discount + 5% of your purchase will be donated to Sea Shepherd, the ocean protection NGO that works independently on a daily basis to ensure that the oceans receive the respect they deserve. Request a quote HERE

Sea Shepherd was an obvious choice.

This NGO, founded in 1977 by Captain Paul Watson, is totally independent, which allows it to choose its priorities without being influenced, and also allows it to react quickly in cases of illegal attacks on marine life and marine ecosystems. In just over 40 years, Sea Shepherd has succeeded in acquiring an entire fleet of vessels dedicated to this protection.
It has made Victor Hugo's words its own: "There comes an hour when protest is no longer enough; after philosophy comes action". We like the fact that she has chosen action to intervene in an active and non-violent way, always respecting the international laws in force.

There are many ways in which we can support them. We have chosen to donate regularly, every month, in order to strengthen their financial security over the long term.

We share the same vision: Individually, we are drops of water. Together, we are the ocean.

And as we couldn't reveal all our shades of blue in one go, we've kept a few surprises for the days ahead :)

We look forward to seeing you in our offices on the 25th :)

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