Due straordinari mondi di scorrimento!

Posted on2024-02-09

E-foil and snowboarding: two sensational board sports

The e-foil is not simply a way of learning another board sport, it's a sport in its own right, offering a unique and sensational experience, similar to that found only in powder snow on a snowboard. By creating the PWR-Foil e-foil, we've achieved our goal of offering sensations close to those of other board sports, while creating new experiences!

Powder on a snowboard, a similar sensation on an e-foil.

Snowboarding in powder snow is an extraordinary experience, but ideal weather conditions are often rare due to a lack of snow, especially in the Pyrenees.
The curves you make with your e-foil, not to mention the waves, are very reminiscent of the turns found in sports such as skiing, snowboarding, surfing...
For me, the only sport that can rival this sensation is e-foil. With e-foils, you feel total freedom, similar to that of snowboarding in powder snow.
The right position for the right gliding sensation, that position where everything is perfectly aligned, where at the end of your turn you say to yourself: WOW! That one was perfect!
We've designed this machine for maximum user enjoyment.

Concentration and safety: essential to both sports

E-foiling and snowboarding require great concentration and constant attention to the elements.
Whether it's a gust of wind, waves or obstacles ahead, constant vigilance is essential to ensure safe riding.
It's crucial to wear a protective waistcoat and helmet to avoid injury in the event of a fall, especially at high speeds.
Just as in snowboarding, the upper body is put under a lot of pressure during e-foil turns.
Although the legs work slightly less, this activity is still accessible to everyone.
In conclusion, e-foils and snowboarding share the same values: gliding and fun.

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